Redsense Medical AB


With a focus on saving lives around the world

During the years that Redsense Medical has operated in the global market, we have been driven by a clear vision: to rule life. In everything from our strategy down to individual decision-making, we are guided by this vision.

Redsense’s simple but ingenious fiber optic-based systems use red light to detect blood leakage in connection with hemodialysis. The product reacts specifically to blood and alarms even when very small amounts of blood are captured in the sensor patch. The fast reaction time helps to save lives, reduces the negative effects of blood loss and makes the treatment safer for the patient – both at home and in the clinic.

Voluntairy sustainability reporting

As a small company, Redsense Medical has no regulatory obligation to prepare a sustainability report, but chooses in line with the vision to save lives to nevertheless submit a sustainability report because the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability naturally interfere with what is central to us. the issue of increased patient safety.