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Redsense Clamp

Automatically stopping the blood flow

Hemodialysis machines are not capable of automatically stopping the flow of blood if a venous needle dislodgement or access-bloodline separation occurs. If it does happen, blood continues to pump at high rates into the environment instead of being returned to the patient. Until now…

The Redsense Clamp is a wireless device that communicates with the Redsense Alarm to stop the flow of blood if a venous needle dislodgement / access-bloodline separation occurs during hemodialysis.

The wireless Clamp works in tandem with the Redsense Alarm as a Blood Loss Security System, safeguarding the venous access with real-time monitoring, detection, and mitigation of blood loss.

The Clamp is not yet released for sale.

Redsense Clamp Ready to Respond

Compatible with all brands of dialysis machines, the Redsense Clamp is mounted on the venous bloodline during the dialysis treatment, silently awaiting the need to stop the blood flow. If the Redsense Alarm detects blood from the venous access, the Alarm immediately sends a signal to the Clamp to close the venous bloodline, preventing additional blood loss.

Not Just a Sense of Security

Using the Redsense Alarm & Clamp goes above and beyond providing a sense of security. Together they protect and defend against blood loss. Existing users of the Redsense Alarm appreciate the continuous monitoring and detection of blood from the venous access. In the past, if a venous needle dislodgement or access-bloodline separation was detected, the blood flow had to be stopped manually. When venous blood is pumped outside the body at rates of 300 – 500 ml a minute, time is everything. In the chaotic situation, minutes could pass before the blood flow is stopped. With every tick of the clock more blood is lost. But the Redsense Clamp enables rapidly flowing blood from a disconnected venous needle or access-bloodline to be automatically stopped without human interaction or delay.