Alarm Unit

Redsense is an alarm system for monitoring the blood access during hemodialysis. The Redsense system consists of an alarm unit, an extension fiber and a non invasive sensor patch. When the sensor patch is placed over the blood access, it detects any blood coming in contact with the sensor. This can occur if the needle is accidentally dislodged or if blood is leaking during dialysis. Redsense currently offers two sensor patches; one to cover the venous needle and one to cover the catheter luerlock. Learn more about the sensor patches here.


No Electricity

No electricity used near the open wound



Infection control through low-cost disposable sensor patches



Designed to be triggered by blood – only detection method that can limit the number of false alarms to nearly zero



Alarm unit with long lifespan and low-cost disposable sensor patches


 Automatic Off-Switch

If the dialysis machine connected to the Redsense device also complies with

IEC PAS63023, it enables the venous clamp to automatically close when blood is detected link to dialysis machines following the standard (make the page)


Peace of Mind

And extra pair of eyes for nurses, patients, and caregivers.
See how the alarm unit works see Redsense in a nutshell

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