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Clamp launch

Clamp launch

Redsense will showcase and promote the Clamp at the ERA-EDTA Congress in Stockholm 23-26 May 2024. Come meet the team on exhibition booth F.320 for a demonstration!

The Redsense Clamp is the next leap in hemodialysis safety, enabling compatibility with all dialysis machines, regardless of brand, age, hardware/software. The Clamp is a wireless device that communicates with the Redsense Alarm to stop the blood flow if blood leakage is detected during hemodialysis.

Using fiber optic technology and light to detect blood, as well as Bluetooth technology to communicate with the wireless Clamp, the Redsense alarm and clamp work together safeguarding the venous access with real-time monitoring, detection, and mitigation of blood loss.

Sensor solutions are available for both the venous fistula and the central catheter and each consist of an optic fiber inserted in an absorbent sponge-like material. If blood leakage occurs the absorbent part of the patch will soak up the blood an transport it to the sensor, which will trigger a visual and audible alarm.

Do you want to learn how blood flow can be paused with any hemodialysis machine, regardless its brand or age? Visit our booth (F.320) at the ERA congress in Stockholm 23-26 May or contact us below.

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