Risk Management

It is of utmost importance that Staff, patients and carers should be aware of VND and the consequences.

Redsense Medical work in very close collaboration with EDTNA/ERCA to develop recommendations and guidelines for identifying patients who are at risk for a VND (Venous Needle Dislodgement), and what steps to take to prevent this potentially deadly complication. For this purpose a pocket card, a poster and an Application have been developed together with EDTNA/ERCA.

Risk Assessment Tool

Each patient should be assessed for the risk of VND. Minimizing the risk of VND requires a combination of skills, vigilance and technology. The assessment tool allows healthcare professionals to identify the highest risk patients for whom devices intended to detect blood loss to the environment can be used to ensure that an alarm is raised if VND occurs26.



Although hemodialysis has become a routine treatment, adverse side effects, and occasionally life threatening clinical complications, still happen. The EDTNA/ERCA developed 12 Steps Poster to help reduce the risk and detect blood loss as early as possible10.

Risk Management
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