Redsense signs new distributor agreement with Regional Health Care Group in Australia

Redsense Medical AB announces that the Company has signed a new exclusive distributor agreement with Regional Health Care Group (RHCG) in Australia, covering the distribution of the Redsense Alarm system to the markets of Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, RHCG has shown considerable interest in a further development of the collaboration to include the Redsense Clamp accessory when it becomes available. The Redsense Clamp is currently under development, and Redsense will seek opportunities to conduct an evaluation of the system in Australia.

“We are very happy to announce this agreement, which marks is an important milestone for our expansion in the Oceanian market. Naturally, the Redsense Alarm offers particular benefits to the patient population in a region characterized by vast distances and where care services are remote for many patients, as the enhanced patient safety provided by Redsense unlocks the convenience and clinical benefits of treatment safely conducted at home,” says Patrik Byhmer, CEO of Redsense Medical AB.

RHCG General Manager Stephen Doorey added, “RHCG has unrivalled experience in supplying and servicing medical equipment and consumables to the Health sector across Australia and New Zealand with over 1,200 devices installed. The innovative Redsense solution for haemodialysis treatment is a key factor for ongoing patient care in the challenging geographical clinical environment.”

Regional Health Care Group is a Medical Distribution company with more than 40 years’ experience in servicing the needs of the Medical Industry in Australia and New Zealand. RHCG supplies both private and public operators ranging from hospitals to stand-alone practices with an integrated and diverse range of medical consumables, contrast media and quality capital equipment.

Moving forward, RHCG will represent Redsense in Australia and New Zealand, ensuring that almost 12,000 hemodialysis patients have access to Redsense’s innovative solutions for patient safety and dialysis monitoring. Of these patients, approximately 10,500 receive in-center haemodialysis treatment and 1,050 receive at-home haemodialysis.

About the Redsense Alarm and the Redsense Clamp

Venous Needle Dislodgement (VND) is a serious patient hazard that occurs when the venous needle accidentally comes out during the dialysis session, breaking the extracorporeal circuit and causing rapid blood leakage. The dialysis machine checks continuously for pressure drops as a precaution against VND, but the normal variation in the pressure makes it an unreliable indicator.

The Redsense Alarm monitors optically for VND at the access point and can prompt dialysis machines adhering to a certain standard to stop blood flow as required. Unfortunately, if machines not supporting this standard are used, the Redsense Alarm can only alert caregivers who have to intervene manually to stop the pump.

Redsense is developing a new accessory device – the Redsense Clamp – that can clamp the bloodline autonomously if an emergency is detected. With a clamped line, the dialysis machine’s pump is stopped without human intervention.


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