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Catheter Sensor Patch

Due to use, a bloodline’s luerlocks might wear and tear, causing blood leakage. Just like with venous needle dislodgement, the consequences can be fatal. Redsense developed a catheter sensor patch to detect blood leakage from the central line.

The Redsense catheter sensor patch is a non invasive patch that consists of an optic fiber, an absorbent sponge-like material and two slightly larger flaps of which one containing adhesive. The patch wraps directly around the luerlock of the central bloodline with the absorbent part of the patch placed over the luerlock. If applied correctly the patch forms a tight pouch around the bloodline. If blood leakage occurs the pouch will fill (max. 10 Ml), the absorbent part of the patch will soak up the blood and transport it to the sensor, which will trigger a visual and audible alarm. After the dialysis session the disposable sensor patch can be disposed of according to the clinic’s procedures for handling dialysis waste.

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