Avoid unnecessary risk by saving cost in healthcare Healthcare savings

Healthcare savings

Reduce the risk and reduce costs, the use of Redsense can save millions.

Cost savings, the use of Redsense can save millions:

Estimating the cost of Redsense 2.7 € / 3.35 $ per treatment (3 patients per device ).

By using Redsense on 20% of the HD patients:
Healthcare savings close to 200 000 000 € can be made annually.

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Cost for a VND incident: 1

–VND minor:
Limiting intervention to blood transfusion and extra EPO dose which all can be carried out at the dialysis clinic and an extra day for observation:

Blood transfusion
Extra ESA
Extra day in hospital
970 €
745 €
2 980 €
4 695
Based on Ahlmén study about 40% of the VND’s need blood transfusion and two extra days in the hospital 9

–Serious event with hospitalization:

Regular hospitalization for blood
loss anemia (4 days)
1700 000 €
1 day of anemia therapy includes
ESA, blood transfusion, iron and
possibly plasma expanders or
42 500 € / day 
 Emergency Room (ER)  22 350 € or more
Intensive Care Unit (ICU),
hospitalization (1 day)

14 900 € - 29 800 €

Thus cost range from

170 000 € to
223 500 € and up

Example: A patient in the ER for 4 h received oxygen at 2L/min, blood drawn for routine panel, an abdominal CT scan; the bill was 24 700 €

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