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Our vision is to save lives by detecting blood loss, using a patented core technology that utilizes fiber optics.

The Redsense blood loss detection solution is specifically designed to detect blood leakage through core technology utilizing fiber optics. Detected blood triggers a visual and audible alarm; thus giving patients, nurses and caregivers some extra peace of mind.

Seeing red

In 2004 the Swedish county hospital of Halmstad had witnessed venous needle dislodgement on a number of occasions. A few key people from the hemodialysis department discovered that these incidents were by no means unique, and that existing alarm systems were renowned for not working. They got in touch with Innovation Team, a consultant company specialised in realising medical device innovations.

Thinking outside of the dialysis equipment

While the problem of needle dislodgement was not new, the project team was able to look at it from an independent viewpoint. Instead of trying to measure what was going on inside the body or the dialysis equipment, the new device was designed to keep an eye on the access point monitoring for the first sign of blood loss. Using fiber optic technology designed for this exact purpose, the blood loss detection device proved to be highly effective and user friendly, with no more than an on/off switch.

 Patented technology

The concept of using an optical sensor to detect bleeding is one with many applications. For this reason, Redsense is patented as a method of detecting blood loss from the human body not just for hemodialysis. Redsense Medical has a broad patent portfolio. Redsense is a protected trademark.


 How it Works

redsense hiw 01
The Alarm Unit sends light through the optical fiber, to the tip of the sensor and back again. The sensor patch is placed directly over the puncture hole where the venous needle returns purified blood to the patient from the dialysis machine.

redsense hiw 02

Light leaks from the fiber end. The leakage of light increases if blood comes into contact with the fiber end.
Redsense will alarm on contact with blood onto the fiber optic end at the tip of the sensor.

redsense hiw 03

The Alarm Unit measures the returning level of light. If the level of light is suddenly reduced, the Alarm Unit sounds the alarm immediately.

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