CORPORATE GOVERNANCEInformation for our share holders

At Redsense Medical we work hard to ensure a strong corporate governance with respect to existing rules and regulations as well as good practice on the Swedish stock market. Providing adequate transparency towards our shareholders is especially important to us as a listed company.

The Redsense Medical stock is listed in Nasdaq First North since October 2017. Nasdaq First North does not have the same legal status as a regulated market such as Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. The company is however bound by its Articles of Association and applicable rules in the Swedish Companies Act (Aktiebolagslagen), and it is also bound by the rules and regulations in the Nasdaq First North Rulebook.


Articles of association
The Articles of Association states the core rules of a Swedish limited company. Any changes to the Articles of Association are subject to General Meetings.

Download Redsense Medical´s Articles of Association (in Swedish)


Board of directors and Management Team
The Redsense Medical Board of directors is the highest administrative structure of the company below the General Meeting. The Board is accountable for the organization and management of the company, and it appoints the Management Team responsible for the day to day operations. Within the limits of the framework set out by the Board, the Management Team is also allowed to decide in company-wide and strategic matters.

More information about the Board of Directors

More information about the Management Team


Baker Tilly Halmstad KB was appointed as the company’s auditor at the General Meeting on the 5th of april, 2017. The auditor can be contacted at Baker Tilly Halmstad KB, Bohusgatan 4, 302 38 Halmstad, Sweden.

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